Joest Porsche WSC by Trofeu

The story of this car is one of the most unlikely in racing history. Its chassis was actually from the closed-cockpit Jaguar XJR-14 that won the Group C championship in 1991. TWR decided to secretly adapt the car to the new 'World Sports Car' spec in 1994. The cars were to be raced as a factory porsche WSC in 1996, but the turbo engines were made uncompetitive by rule changes. This was also the time when Porsche had been developing the 911 GT1, so it became the 'official' factory team. The car was then transferred to long-time Porsche privateer Reinhold Joest to be run as a semi-factory team. The team won Le Mans in 1996 and 1997, but succumbed to mechanical failures in 1998. Joest went on to head the Audi effort in 1999, and created the Audi R8R which went on to dominate the 2000 Le Mans race.

This model by Portuguese manufacturer Trofeu is absolutely stunning, and is on a par with any of Minichamps's best work. The paint & decals are excellent, and since it is a Le Mans winner it is that much more desireable. My only small gripe is that the wheel nuts should be silver instead on gold. There are also versions of the 1997 winner as well as some test versions. I plan on acquiring these whenever possible. The model pictured below represents the 1996 winner, which was co-piloted by a young Alexander Wurz. He went on to Formula One as a member of the increasingly lame Bennetton team.


Trofeu Joest Porsche WSC95, Le Mans 1996
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Joest Porsche WSC




Car #

Model Ref. # Image

Joest Porsche WSC 'Sanex'

Davy Jones

Alexander Wurz

Manuel Reuter

7Le Mans 1996901

Joest Porsche WSC 'FATurbo'

Didier Theys

Michele Alboreto

Pierluigi Martini

8Le Mans 1996902

Joest Porsche WSC

Michele Alboreto

7Le Mans 1997903

Joest Porsche WSC 'hagenuk'

Michele Alboreto

Stefan Johansson

Tom Kristensen

7Le Mans 1997904

Porsche LMP1/98 'Mobil'

7Le Mans 19981301